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The Updated New Enterprise Allowance

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Some people are born entrepreneurs, but not every potential entrepreneur finds themselves in an environment that can nurture a new business. The New Enterprise Allowance is designed to help these individuals start their own business.

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Wanna Live Longer? That’ll Cost Ya! – State Pension Changes

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The year is 2017 and we, as a human race, have made some impressive leaps in the past few decades. We’ve eradicated certain diseases, we’re creeping closer to effective cancer treatments and on the verge of curing Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Great stuff!

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Spectre The Philanthropist?

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Ian Spectre suffers from insomnia most nights, surprisingly not because he’s a terrible person and his conscience keeps him awake, but because he’s preoccupied with thinking up new ways to help Google and Apple avoid paying their taxes.

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Surcharge Fees to be Axed

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That’ll be £1,298 for your flights and a £1.50 booking fee, thanks!

We expect it these days, the all too frequent ‘credit card’ charge that’s added at the checkout. Well it’s soon to become a thing of the past, saving UK citizens an estimated £500 million every year.

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What is a ‘Dependent Contractor’?

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The newly published ‘Taylor Review’ has recommended a new employment status, the ‘Dependent Contractor’. But what does that mean exactly and are you a ‘Dependent Contractor’? We explain all in this blog.

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Ian Spectre will tell you when he corners you that one of his finest moments was back in 1999 when he came up with what is now known as IR35. Having a love for acronyms and being 43 at the time, Spectre wanted to call the new tax IM43 or IS43, but then Ivor Richards, a high flyer in the Treasury who was 35 at the time pulled rank and IR35 it was.

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7 Cyber Security Tips for Contractors

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Cyber security, chances are, unless you’re a cyber security contractor, you’re unlikely to be taking all the necessary precautions. We’ve put together out top 7 tips to help keep your contracting business safe from the hackers, malware and ransomware.

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Hold the Presses and Your Patience

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On the 25th April 2017 the Government rushed its new Finance Bill through parliament in a staggering two hours ahead of the impending Snap General Election. This was only made possible by cutting longest Finance Bill in history in half.

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The New Lifetime Isa

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Last week the Government launched the new Lifetime Isa, offering a maximum £1,000 cash for FREE every year – yep, you read that right! So what do you have to do to get in on all of this free cash flying around, and is it right for you? Read on to learn more…

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Simon Says… Or should it be ‘Spectre Says’

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Occasionally HMRC have been recognised for their less than cooperative ways, perhaps reminding us of someone who’s stuck in their ways and unpleasantly forceful? Well they’re at it again and their toddler-tantrum demands are going to affect you, so listen up…

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