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Simon Says… Or should it be ‘Spectre Says’

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Occasionally HMRC have been recognised for their less than cooperative ways, perhaps reminding us of someone who’s stuck in their ways and unpleasantly forceful? Well they’re at it again and their toddler-tantrum demands are going to affect you, so listen up...  

Introducing Ian Spectre

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Back in the 1990’s when HMRC was known as the Inland Revenue, Hector the Tax Inspector started appearing on our TVs and in newspapers to promote self assessment.  

Top 5 FREE apps/websites for your small business

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Still using pen and paper? We don’t blame you, sometimes it’s the best way with so many softwares, websites and apps out there on the market, many of which don’t have the specific functionality that a small business owner needs. But fear not! It’s a new year and the tech offering has never been so strong.  

Accounting on-the-go

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One of the best features of our brand new website is the addition of a cloud-based accounting software. Why? Because gone are the days of the traditional office worker, welcome to 2016 where the world is your office. We’re embracing that fact, celebrating it and working hard to make your business run more smoothly.  

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