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Business Valuations

There are a variety of reasons you could be looking for an accountant to carry out a business valuation. People require business valuation services for growth, investment and a host of other prospects besides purely selling or buying.

The valuation of private companies can be a subjective task; Warr & Co have several highly qualified accountants who are capable of valuing and advising on business matters such as these.

We keep the client’s goals in mind when assisting with business valuations and offer realistic, practical advice for any clients we work with.

Business Valuation Accountants in Manchester, Stockport and Across the UK

While we’re happy to assist in business valuations UK-wide, the majority of our clients are seeking business valuations in Manchester, Stockport and London, but we can assist in business valuations UK-wide.

There are a variety of reasons you could be looking for a business valuation, but it’s normally if you are looking to buying or sell a business. However we also advise on valuations for other reasons such as:

  • Valuations for probate purposes
  • Purchase of own shares
  • Family or matrimonial disputes
  • Due to compulsory purchase orders
  • Disputes/litigation between former business partners
  • Granting of a share options
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Provisions in the Articles of Association or a shareholder agreement
  • Tax purposes (Capital Gains, Inheritance Tax)
  • Value of a gift

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