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Many people leave estate planning to their later years, but it really is wise to have your estate administration solution in place as early as possible as nobody knows what the future will hold. Our estate planning accountants work with individuals and families to ensure that hard-earned lifetime savings are as tax efficient as possible when the time comes to pass them on to loved ones.

Sadly, Inheritance Tax is having an increasingly severe effect on more and more families, taking 40% of anything you leave to loved ones that falls above the £325,000 threshold. This is mostly due to the rise in house prices and the fact that Inheritance Tax is far overdue for an overhaul. So it’s important to work with an estate planning accountant to ensure that your Inheritance Tax liability is reduced wherever possible.

There are many ways we can help you achieve a healthy tax picture, and we’ll recommend a solution tailored personally to your financial situation in plain English. You don’t need to be an expert in tax matters when you work with Warr & Co’s estate planning and estate administration accountants.

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Estate Planning Service

Estate planning and estate administration can be a stressful task – we aim to make things as simple and transparent for you as possible. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding estate planning services we offer at Warr & Co.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning is the process of arranging your finances, in whatever forms they exist, to be passed on to family, loved ones, or charities when you pass away. A will is only part of the estate planning picture, there will be many things to carefully consider as each individual’s situation is very different.

It’s not a popular topic, but planning for the end of your life is even more important than planning for the current tax year, in order to ensure that 40% of your hard-earned savings don’t go directly to the tax man. Our estate planning services cover the full spectrum. We can help you plan far in advance and tailor that plan to your evolving requirements.

What related services do you offer?

Warr & Co offer a full suite of individual accounting services and tax planning. We work with families in the long term to ensure you and your loved ones will have the security of a tax professional advising on family finances.

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