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by specialist solicitor accountants

Warr & Co offer a full range of accounting services, covering the usual business accounting necessities and can even provide ad-hoc assistance to your clients regarding forensic accounting, taxation and other related areas.

Our solicitor accountants work with firms across the UK, they have developed an awareness and understanding of the Solicitor’s Accounts Rules (SARs), assisting clients with their regulatory compliance and how law firms must operate within those rules.

With Warr & Co you’ll find that we are proactive solicitor accountants, always with one eye on possible legislation changes, so that we can keep on top of the challenges you face in your firm.

Solicitors have six months from the end of their accounting period to obtain an Accountant’s Report, unless exempt. Warr & Co as a qualified firm of auditors, are able to carry out this work and produce the necessary report, including submission to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) if required.

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Specialist Solicitor Accountants

At Warr & Co we are able to offer all types of compliance work including:

  • Accounts preparation and audit
  • Dealing with tax compliance
  • Preparing a report under the SRA Accounts Rules 2011
  • Partner, partnership and corporate tax returns
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Additional Relevant Information For Solicitors

Tax Enquiry Service

What Is A Tax Enquiry?

A Tax Enquiry is an HMRC investigation into your businesses taxes. Often this is not a simple process, as the investigative team from HMRC may want paperwork and face-to-face meetings to discuss your business taxes.

Anyone can be subject to an HMRC enquiry, and you must comply by law. They can target any business they wish to and do not have to have a reason to target your business, meaning that they can open an enquiry even if you’ve done nothing wrong.

This is troubling for businesses, and especially small businesses. The cost of defending your company in a tax enquiry with HMRC is significant and can easily run into thousands of pounds – in addition, it’s not unusual for enquiries to last months or even years. So you need a good accountant on your side to defend you and ensure no errors are made on your behalf throughout the investigation.

What’s Included In The Tax Enquiry Service?

Warr & Co will deal with all HMRC correspondence on your behalf, we will prepare and defend your case, and we will negotiate the best possible outcome for you wherever necessary.

Did you know? Even if you are not at fault and have had no errors in your business taxes, the costs of defending your business in an HMRC enquiry are not refunded. Unfair, yes, but that’s exactly why this add-on service is highly recommended to all of our business clients.

For one small annual fee, your business is covered in case HMRC decides to open an enquiry for your business. Whatever the outcome, you’re safest if you have our Tax Enquiry Service on your side.

We have plenty of information, including a downloadable leaflet about tax enquiries and pricing for this service, on the link below.

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