Accounting Services For Flat Management Companies

Flat management company accounting is a very niche area in which Warr & Co have extensive expertise. With many parties involved and a complex tax system it is reassuring to have an experienced flat management accountant on your side. We provide full services to flat management companies, taking the stress out of owning property within a building.

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Services For Flat Management Companies

Warr & Co are a leading firm of chartered accountants who specialise in working with flat management companies. Flat management companies are set up as a convenient way for residents in a block of flats to manage shared expenses such as insurance, roof repairs and communal cleaning.

In a typical company, each owner of a flat will have one share in the flat management company. The residents will elect directors to deal with the formalities of the company, setting an annual service charge that every flat owner will be required to pay.

These companies are governed by the Companies Act just like any other company and so must prepare and file annual accounts. We currently act for around 100 such companies.

We offer a unique client-focussed approach to your flat management accounting needs and pride ourselves on making the process as easy for our clients as possible.

Offering a full range of services we cover:

  • Submission of annual accounts to Companies House
  • Submission of company tax returns to HMRC
  • Annual tax returns
  • Managing service charge accounts with stakeholders and tenants
  • Proactive tax and legislation advice

We offer a straightforward, honest service with no unexpected fees; just the type of quality service you’d expect from a small but highly experienced team.

For an additional small monthly fee, flat management companies have the option to utilise one of our recommended cloud accounting services from as little as £7 per month, a discounted rate compared to the services’ own list price. This means that you’ll be compliant with Making Tax Digital (MTD) and your accountant will have full visibility of your company’s finances 24/7.

Our team understand the specialised legal and accounting requirements that go hand in hand with operating a simple flat management company, providing a competitive and personal service. Our team bring decades of experience to this specialist area, so if your flat management company requires expert advice on taxes and accounting, we can help.

We offer our services throughout the UK and operate from two offices based in Stockport and Manchester. Get in touch with us now.

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