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The 5 best apps for freelancers in 2018

By April 27, 2018July 29th, 2021No Comments

Being a freelancer can sometimes feel like a juggling act of admin tasks, self-training and managing money, as well as working the usual 9-5 hours. Luckily, there are plenty of apps that can help keep you on track and on top of the more boring aspects of working for yourself. Here is our list of some of the best apps for freelancers that will help with time-management, self-care during the busy times, and even help keep you on top of your finances at the same time:

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1 Password

The aptly named ‘1Password’ is an app that helps you manage all passwords and logins for a wide variety of websites. This is especially important for freelancers who need to use multiple systems everyday that require passwords.

Even social media account passwords can be included on the app. Simply download ‘1Password’ onto your phone or tablet, add all of your accounts and their passwords to the platform. The next time you try to access an online account or profile, you will be able to access them with one simple click and 1 password that controls the account where your many passwords are stored.

With various service levels available, 1Password will have a solution that meets your needs. It is not just there to keep your passworded accounts safe, 1Password will also save you time, something that is precious for freelancers. It can securely save logins, shopping carts, and fill long forms with personal details, all with a single tap or click.


The Fabulous

Being self-employed can be incredibly stressful, balancing running a business with other elements of your life. It’s no wonder that you often feel exhausted and burnt out. Enter The Fabulous, a science-based app that will help you get back in tune with your body and change the way you live, day-to-day.  

The developer of ‘The Fabulous’ refers to the application as “a tool to help you reset your habits, rewire your brain and transform your life.” The app can help to reset your habits and instill a healthier approach to your life such as reminding you to drink more water and get better quality of sleep, each night.

The app helps ‘rewire your brain’ so the rituals you are performing are not taking time away from what really matters. Sending push notifications and prompts on your phone throughout the day, the app promises to help build habits into your daily life, not nag you into going for a run or logging your calories like other lifestyle apps on the market. The Fabulous is available on all Windows, Android and iOS devices, via the app store.


Google Drive

Often underrated, Google Drive is by far one of the best multi-functioning applications available and is free to use too.

As a freelancer, paying for additional computer programs and software can be a real strain on the finances. Google Drive gives you access to their version of Word, Excel which track document changes live, continually saving your work.

Unlike a lot of other cloud-based storage programs that charge after a certain amount of space is used, Google Drive allows up to 15GB of storage, completely free of charge. The best quality of Google Drive, aside from the free cloud-based softwares, high security level, and easy-to-use features, is that it can be accessed from absolutely anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet connection.

Remote working and having access to shared documents is really important for freelancers or self-employed people that may contract within other companies. Google Drive allows quick, simple multi-access to any documents you choose, with a variety of levels of access too. Meaning you can set up in a cafe and have access to all the documents and files you need to carry on working.



Toggl is the must-have app for any freelancer who struggles with time management and knowing how long tasks have taken. Toggl will help track your time and make sure your business is running at its most efficient.

It offers a range of great features such as a timer that will help you watch the clock or spend your time more wisely. It is also available as a plug-in on your browser so you can start the clock as soon as you start work.

Managing your time more productively will help boost your productivity and ensure you don’t feel rushed or pressured to complete tasks. It will ensure users are spending the right amount of time completing tasks that will make you money, not losing money and time. Download it today on either an Android or iOS device and start managing your own time better.


Kashflow app

Managing your business’ cash flow and finances is imperative when you are self-employed, but keeping on top of them can be time-consuming and often very confusing. If you are not sure where to start when it comes to watching your business finances, the Warr & Co Accounting Cloud, powered by Kashflow, may be the solution for you.

Exclusively available from Warr & Co, for our existing clients, The Accounting Cloud is a cloud-based accounting suite that simplifies tracking your invoices, receipts, VAT and tax payments. From making instant payments and checking your balance to keeping track of your expenses, you will find managing your business finances and taxes so much easier with the Accounting Cloud.

And the Accounting Cloud can be accessed by the handy iOS and Android apps offered by Kashflow. If this sounds like something you may need help with, why not speak to one of our dedicated team today about how the accounting Cloud and Kashflow app could really help your business.


With so many different dedicated apps to helping freelancers manage their time and money as well as their productivity and wellbeing, there is no excuses not to download one today. Why not see for yourself how much one of these apps can help you manage your time, money and most importantly- your business- more efficiently.

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