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Coworking spaces for small businesses

By January 19, 2017July 28th, 2021No Comments

Coworking, you’ve heard the term batted about, but do you know exactly what they are and how they could benefit your business? Whether you’re home-based as a freelancer or contractor, planning a start-up or you’re an already established small business ready to move out of the family garage, co-working spaces could be the right choice for you!

So what are they?

Coworking spaces provide an office set up for business people for a set monthly fee, essentially you’re renting a desk that comes with wifi, office amenities and usually extras like meeting rooms and regular events. 

How much do they cost?

Monthly fees vary greatly depending on location, facilities and services included. Coworking spaces can cost anywhere from £15 per month up to £600 per month per person. And if you need a separate office space in your coworking location, they can cost a little more. Depending on the membership options available you may be able to get a permanent desk space or you may pick an option that restricts you to a certain number of day’s access per month.

What are the benefits?

There are numerous benefits to taking up a desk at a coworking space;

  • Social interaction for those who usually work at home alone
  • Boost productivity
  • Opportunities for collaboration and networking events
  • Professional meeting rooms and facilities
  • Location location location

Co-working in London

London is the undisputed home of coworking spaces in the UK with more than 150 spaces in the city, we’re going to cover our top 3 spaces, but if you’d like to see a full list, you can find one here.

WeWork – from £200 pcm – With 12 locations and another 3 on the way, the 24/7 offices of WeWork are hugely popular. Offering hotdesks, dedicated desks and entire offices, you’ll find some relatively big names calling WeWork home in London. Membership to these cool and contemporary spaces also comes with credits to use on booking meeting rooms and some memberships include limited printing. Why are they so popular? Well the locations are brilliant, the refreshments are included (including WeWork’s own brand of beer), wifi is free and fast, and evening entrepreneurial talks and events are aplenty.

WorkLife – from £250 pcm – Smaller social spaces across 3 locations in London could be perfect for you if huge office crowds put you off. Perks include free seminars and networking events, free Monday breakfast to help with those Monday morning blues, weekly yoga classes, pizza & beer nights and local discounts. WorkLife wants to add more to your business by bringing it’s members together with sports clubs and regular nights out, meaning you get more of the office fun into your life without the office job.

They offer a pay-by-the-hour service too, so if you’re only looking for an occasional escape from the house for the odd half day here and there, WorkLife offers a great solution. Members can also work across any of the locations in London, so great if you’re wanting to explore a little.

TheOfficeGroup – from £300 pcm – With 13 coworking spaces in London and 1 in Leeds, members can work in whichever location they please. This space comes equip with it’s own members app, access to 20 lounges and various roof-top gardens and members’ bars, plus discounts on extras like gym classes. TOG are renowned for taking spaces in landmark buildings, so if you’d like to brag that your office is in The Shard, TOG could be the space for you.

Locations are close to Underground stations and each has its own set of features and amenities, so there’s bound to be a right choice for everyone.


Co-working in Manchester

OpenSpace – from £105 pcm – Offering parking, broadband, meeting rooms and more, this space benefits from it’s occupants contributing to the smooth running of the space.

Central Working – from £99 pcm – Boasting a lecture theatre, as well as meeting rooms, this space has 24h access and parking as well as the usual facilities. 

Co-working in Birmingham

Impact – from £35 pcm – With standing desks, ergonomic chairs, beanbags, library and 6,000 sq. ft. this space is trendy and city-central, but they do charge for printing and meeting rooms.

The Transfer – from £15 – Offering a free trial day, this affordable office space brings flexible and affordable options to freelancers, with hotdesks and sofas on offer. 

Co-working in Edinburgh

Tech cube – from £100 pcm – Featuring a members-only workspace, roof terrace and office spaces for larger teams.

The Melting Pot – from £57.50 pcm – 24/7 opening hours for the night-owls and morning people who want to be truly flexible with their working hours.


Co-working everywhere else in the UK

Co-working spaces are quickly becoming available in most cities across the UK, check out this list of the top 50 to find one near you. 

With almost 2 million people in the UK now working freelance or self-employed, coworking spaces in the UK are booming! You can have the office feel while working for yourself doing exactly what you love. If you’re thinking of taking the leap into self employment, we’d be very happy to assist you is setting up your new business. With office space and finances under control, it’s finally your time to create the job you always wanted.

Call our team now for a free no-obligation discussion about your future business plans. London: 02031 741 436  Stockport:0161 477 6789 or email us at [email protected]

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