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Our Top 8 Business-focussed TED Talks from 2016

By February 8, 2017March 9th, 2021No Comments

There’s nothing like a TadTalk to inspire, and 2016 was a great year for inspirational talks. In this blog we’re highlighting our favourite TED Talks relating to business from 2016.

ted talks

Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

We love this talk because it presents the challenge of procrastination in an engaging and humorous way. Procrastination is no stranger to anyone, but creative types seems to be especially occupied by the ‘Instant Gratification Monkey’. With over 10 million views in the last 12 months, this TED Talk is clearly one of the favourites!


Adam Galinsky: How to speak up for yourself

Assertion, confrontation and speaking up for yourself does not come naturally to everyone – in-fact it’s a taboo in many situations. When is it OK to do it, how should you do it and how do you know when you’ve gone too far? Watch Adam Galinsky’s TED Talk if you’d like to better understand this delicate variety of communication and how you can assert yourself better.


Adam Grant: The surprising habits of original thinkers

Did you know that the best individual thinkers fail all the time? Watch this TED Talk to discover the research that Adam Grant has done into the phenomenon of the ‘original thinker’ and why not everyone is an ‘original thinker’.


Neha Narula: The future of money

Coins and notes represent value, but money is becoming more and more fluid, with digital money being the preferred state could we see the end of physical money on the horizon? Plus, as the world becomes a more connected place, is our current version of money (digital) really the best way forward?


Sam Harris: Can we build AI without losing control over it

The worldwide tech industry has been making great advances in robotics over the last few decades, but AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the Holy Grail. However, should we be scared of AI? How can humans anticipate what will happen once machines become smart enough to become creative and what effect would this have on the world’s economy?


Jim Hemerling: 5 ways to lead in a time of constant change

Change is hard. When was the last you’re your organisation made a change? Why are people within an organisation scared of change and how can a leader support an organisation through a change?


Rachel Botsman: We’ve stopped trusting institutions and started trusting strangers

We’re trusting each other more and more, thanks to technology. In this talk, Rachel Botsman explores why we’re trusting each other more than institutions.


Bettina Warburg: How the blockchain will radically transform the economy

Learn a little more about the blockchain, the evolution of the economy and connectivity in this TED Talk. The digital data fingerprint that will be related to everyone and everything in the future will transform our economies and the way we interact.


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