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IR35 is a challenging piece of legislation for contractors and employers alike, and at some point it’s likely you’ll need to seek IR35 advice. Our IR35 advisors are all chartered accountants with plenty of experience in providing sound advice about IR35.

If you’re looking for help with IR35, contact us now for a free initial, no-obligation consultation so that we can discuss your IR35 status.

Warr & Co we have an understanding of what falls inside and outside the scope of IR35, let us advise of the way forward and what action you need to take to ensure you comply with the government’s regulations in this area.

IR35 Advice For Private Sector Contractors

The rules designed to tackle the issue of “disguised employment” among contractors have changed dramatically since its first introduction in April 2000. Changes are still taking place, and in the Autumn Budget in 2018 it was announced that new IR35 rules, similar to those brought into the public sector in 2018, would be introduced to the private sector. Contractors need to be ready for the consequences of the changes in the IR35 legislation which could come into force in April 2020.

Warr & Co can help by checking the contract that you have with the engaging company, and looking at factors that could bring you within the scope of IR35:

  • Are you paid on the basis of time spent?
  • Are you given set hours to work?
  • Are you allowed to supply a substitute to do your work if ill or on holiday?
  • Do you attend staff parties or meetings?
  • Is the engaging company telling you how to carry out the work?
  • Do you supply your own equipment?

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Inside IR35 But Don’t Think You Should Be?

Whether you’re working in the public sector or private sector, many contractors are finding themselves forced to work inside IR35. Some companies are blanket labelling contractors as caught by IR35 because they don’t fully understand it, and it’s ‘better to be safe than sorry’.

Recent IR35 reform in the public sector will soon apply to the private sector too. So it’s time to arm yourself with the information you need to argue your side in the inside/outside IR35 debate.

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