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Spotlight On… Kitty Litter Box

By May 23, 2019February 16th, 2021No Comments

Running an online-only business can be both challenging and rewarding. We speak to Pam Edwards, Warr & Co client and founder of Kitty Litter Box, about her experience launching a new subscription service for cat lovers across the UK.
kitty litter box

Congratulations on the launch of your new business! How did the idea for Kitty Litter Box come about?

“My husband and I really liked the subscription business model. We didn’t want to provide just anything though. We wanted to take away an inconvenience to people, we wanted to add value in people’s lives. We wanted the business to mean something. Our daughter loves cats and loves to play with our friend’s cats. We noticed the hassle they go through changing litter, disposing of litter and cleaning out the tray because the litter didn’t hold up over time, also the terrible ammonia urine smell!”

What makes Kitty Litter Box unique?  

“The uniqueness comes from its simplicity and convenience. We all need more convenience in our lives. It is a subscription service where you get premium litter in a unique box that pops up into a litter tray. Simple to use and dispose of without the hassle of big bags of litter. It is delivered to your door every month, that’s it. We also offer litter only options too. Another bonus is the litter is organic, biodegradable and hypo-allergenic. The box is also environmentally friendly.”

"We all need more convenience in our lives."
Why did you decide to adopt an online subscription model for Kitty Litter Box?  

“We wanted to create an audience and members feel especially through social media. We wanted repeat customers to become fans and we felt that was the best way to market the service a whole.”


What would you say is the most challenging aspect of running an online business?  

“Business in general is tough. Sometimes you feel like you will never get it off the ground. Online is tough because you really want to convey to the customer that you want to make something more convenient for them at a cost effective price. You want to help and you are passionate about doing so. That is hard to convince people when you can’t directly interact with them, especially on a unique concept like Kitty Litter Box. You have to get the nonverbal marketing across online to deliver that message.”

How have Warr & Co helped you along the way?

“Advice and service, Peter has always been 1st class when dealing with us. Even in our other business ventures, Peter and his team were there to help along the way and answer questions and concerns as they arise.”

kitty litter box

Finally, do you have any advice for others thinking about launching their own business?

“Think it through but don’t over think it. You can do that and think yourself right out of starting. You may fail but keep trying. You do learn from failing. Also, do it now, don’t hesitate, have a sense of urgency. Inspiration is perishable.”

"Keep trying. You do learn from failing."
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If you’d like to try Kitty Litter Box for yourself, you can take a look at the website or send Pam an email:


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