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Spotlight On… Unicorn Marketing

By May 23, 2019February 16th, 2021No Comments

How do unicorns and marketing relate to one another? We find out from Jen and Laura, Warr & Co clients and co-founders of marketing consultancy Unicorn Marketing, which launched in January 2019.unicorn

Why did you choose the name Unicorn Marketing?

“A marketing unicorn is a rare thing, a marketing professional who is highly skilled and experienced in a wide range of disciplines and industries. Strategic and knowledgeable, they can work in any specialist area of marketing. Between the two of us, we really can cover it all. Which makes us perfect for small businesses for whom hiring a team of specialists just isn’t worth it, and to agencies you’re one client of many. We’re proud to be a bit different and (we think) a bit special.”

What services do you offer?

“We work with small businesses on their marketing and brand strategies, we build websites and optimise website content, and we deliver impactful marketing activity across a whole range of channels and platforms.”

How did it all begin?

“We actually met through our partners – they’re best friends, so we got to know one another as friends years before we started working together! Between us, we’ve got over 20 years’ experience in marketing and communications, so we would regularly meet up over a gin and tonic and talk about our dream – to rescue small businesses from those big, expensive marketing agencies who juggle heaps of clients and give the legwork to junior employees. We knew we could do better.”

"We knew we could do better"
What sorts of businesses do you work with?

“Our work spans all sorts of industries, from speciality chemicals to jewellery. The main commonality is that our clients all want to work with experienced marketers who they can trust to be proactive and manage everything for them – they’re all busy people juggling lots of things. We like to think of ourselves as their out-of-house in-house marketing team!”

Is there anything you particularly love about what you do?

“Activity-wise, Jen is a bit of an online marketing expert and loves getting stuck into marketing strategy and website development projects. Laura loves helping brands discover more about their audiences and communicate what they’re all about – she’s happiest brainstorming content ideas with businesses, or researching and writing in the library.”

“More broadly, it’s the independence that we love. We work hard for our clients and put their needs first, but we also make the time for ‘mental health’ days every now and again, where we take time out of our busy schedules to ensure we get the work/life balance right.”

“We work hard for our clients and put their needs first.”
How did Warr & Co help you along the way?

“Without Warr & Co, we don’t think we’d ever have taken that leap. The guidance and support we have gotten from the Warr & Co team has been absolutely essential to our journey from day one. They talked us through everything step-by-step, and are there whenever we needed them. They’ve also been very patient with us as we work out the ins-and-outs of digital bookkeeping! Their Quickbooks expert is always on the end of the phone, and we massively appreciate that time and care.”

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