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Introducing Ian Spectre

By April 3, 2017July 29th, 2021No Comments

Back in the 1990’s when HMRC was known as the Inland Revenue, Hector the Tax Inspector started appearing on our TVs and in newspapers to promote self assessment.

Ian Sprectre's business card

Although he looked like a friendly chap, he was frequently accompanied by stern messages about the need to meet filing deadlines and the penalties for non-compliance. Was there a hidden message in his name?


Dictionary definition of a Hector

*Credit: Cambridge dictionary

Hector was retired in 2000 to coincide with the Inland Revenue changing their name to HMRC.

17 years on, we think that today’s equivalent would be our new friend/fiend, Ian Spectre, pictured below.

There are of course no hidden meanings here, “Ian Spectre” sounds like “Inspector” when you say it quickly and our character’s design is a satire homage to good ol’ Hector.

And though Hector the Inspector is gone, the familiar tone from the Inland Revenue / HMRC remains just as… hectorish as ever for accountants, financial professionals and the self employed.

Over the next few months we’ll show you some of the things that Spectre’s up to and the impact his actions will have on millions of taxpayers.  The first of which is an important current issue, read the blog here and see what Ian Spectre is up to this month!

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