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The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme extended to October

By May 18, 2020February 16th, 2021No Comments

The CJRS has been extended until the end of October, however will exist only in its current form until the end of July. Contact us if you’d like help with your claim.

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How Do I Claim?

You can login to your Government Gateway account to claim the funds you require. If you’re applying for the first time take a look at our Step-By-Step blog. Remember to update your accountant with your plans whether you’re extending your employee’s furlough or putting them on furlough for the first time.!

You will not need to send a second furlough agreement letter* if you decide to keep employees on furlough for a longer period of time. Confirmation of an employees furlough extension in writing should be sufficient – so, for example, you can email them to inform them of your decision. Please do request a reply from each employee for your records so that you know all staff are aware of the current situation.

*You may need to send a new furlough agreement letter if you intend to change the amount you are agreeing to pay your employee – eg: you had them on 100% furlough but would like to move them to 80%.


What’s Happening After July?

We’re expecting confirmation from the government before the end of May, regarding the future of this scheme. It is expected that there will be the option to bring employees back part time and have them furloughed part time too. We’ve also seen suggestions that the % of pay the government will support may dip below the 80% the scheme currently operates at.

Everything is subject to our success in keeping this virus under control, and while it’s an uncertain time for many businesses, all we can do is remain as flexible as possible.

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